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5 Best Practices for Successful Spray Painting Projects

Updated: Feb 13

While traditional paint from a 'Can' has its place, '

Spray painting the furniture with the aerosol spray can.

Spray Paint' offers a more enjoyable experience and greater durability. Spray paint allows you to reach difficult areas and achieve a higher gloss finish compared to regular paint. It's recommended for furniture makeovers and giving decorative items a vibrant, new color.

We suggest using lacquer-based spray paint for its flexibility on surfaces and reduced likelihood of streaking. Opt for a rust-resistant type when painting outdoor furniture. According to our recommendation, this type of spray paint minimizes human error, resulting in a professional finish, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced users.

Before embarking on your DIY painting journey, familiarize yourself with this practical guide outlining the 5 common things to do when using aerosol paint. Happy spraying!

  1. Use a Sweeping Motion: To achieve uniform results, avoid waving the can randomly. Instead, hold the can six to eight inches away from the surface and move it in a sweeping motion.

  2. Cover your surroundings (with two layers): To enhance protection, it is essential to apply two layers of coverage when using aerosol paint. This involves placing a layer of plastic followed by a drop cloth, wearing gloves and either a mask or goggles, and ensuring adequate ventilation if painting indoors.

  3. Shake the can: It is essential to thoroughly agitate the can before and during use to ensure proper mixing of the paint.

  4. Spray lightly: It is advisable to apply spray paint in a light manner to achieve improved results.

  5. Use Primer: It is crucial to apply primer to the surface before spray painting, as this facilitates better adhesion of the paint and helps prevent issues such as cracking, flaking, and uneven application.

Beautifully spray painted furniture is in the room.

These tips provide valuable guidance for achieving the best results when using spray paint, covering aspects such as technique, preparation, and application.


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